Accessibility Declaration

Bocobza Law believe in social values, equality and therefore protecting rights of people with different disabilities

As such, we have accommodated our office and website, so our services are accessible as much as we can

The Office:

* There are few designated paid disabled parking spots in front of the office’s building

* The corridors and entry doors on each part of the office allow mobility for wheelchair users

* Elevator, of which announce loudly the floor number upon arrival

The Website:

We have putted significant efforts into the website to make the information contained there accessible so most of the population has an easy access

We are working toward updating and implementing accessibility rules as much as possible, according to the principles of the Israeli 5568 standard, at the level AA, as required by law, and as suitable as well to the international standard


It should be noted that despite our best efforts to make every page of the website accessible, it is possible some parts or capabilities were not made properly accessible or have yet to be made accessible

Contact Regarding Accessibility:

A person with a disability who requires any assistance with the above mentioned accessibility matters, is welcome to contact us via telephone at +972-544-710-642 or via email at

In regard to website accessibility, please indicate the following:

* Describe the problem
* The action attempted
* A link to the relevant page(s)
* The name and version of the browser used
* The operation system
* The type of assisting technology (if any) that was used

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